Mission, vision and values


Maier group is formed by a team of people in cooperation to generate wealth in society and to create quality jobs, preferably cooperative, in an environment of sustainable profitability.

We base the future on the development of people, participation and cooperation with other social realities within a shared values framework.We have a vocation for the future, an attitude to satisfy, to improve and to be ahead of customers' expectations.

We are commited to the environment (environment and respect for the cultural characteristics of each social entity), innovation and competitive improvement.


We are going to be a reference point in decoration and high complexity functional parts in the automotive industry. diversified with new businesses and based on people happy to belong to Maier.


I act with honesty and responsibility.
I communicate clearly and in a transparent way and I keep confidentiality.
I respect everybody and I win everyone´s respect.

I accept that things change and adapt to new situations with a positive attitude.
I am alert to new opportunities and I take risks: I encourage improvements, I look for new ways to do and I create possibilities.
I learn and share my knowledge to innovate.

I admit and assume that customer orientation, apart from being a value, is the main strategy in Maier Group.
I am always aware of the importance to satisfy the customer: without them, we would not exist.
I place myself in the position of the customer, especially in case of important decisions and difficult situations.

I work to obtain results minimising resources.
I get involved and fulfill what I commit to.
I admit that I can make mistakes but I learn from them.

I listen to everybody and respect other people´s opinions.
I give priority to collective interest rather than individual.
I participate and get involved both as a worker and a member.