We invest in people


We nurture skills that are consistent with both our values (link) and our corporate strategy. They constitute the essence of Maier:

  • Focusing on customers
  • Focusing on achievement
  • Focusing on change and innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Personal development
  • Joining the Maier Group

We provide the opportunity for lifelong learning because at Maier we believe that if we grow as people and professionals, Maier will grow with us. We arrange:

  • Individual coaching processes
  • Schemes for developing new competences, conducts and skills: leadership, effective listening, emotional management, coordination of actions, generation of trust, etc.
  • Feedback processes that enable us to identify learning areas and design bespoke training plans that drive each person’s professional advancement.

We are involved in different teams, participating and helping to record the best results by furthering our potential through:

  • Team coaching programmes
  • Programmes and dynamics fostering team cohesion, discussion and debate, systemic focuses, etc.

We are involved in a socio-business cooperative with an internal projection in which talent is recognised and rewarded in the form of preferential in-house promotion. The people working at Maier are always the first option.